You need a running Nagios Core setup or an extension like Check_MK.


nag2sms has several dependencies on Perl modules available in CPAN. Although most modules are already packaged, Debian lacks a package for the AnyEvent::MQTT module. You can build it by using dh-make-perl:

  • install packages libanyevent-perl and dh-make-perl to build the missing Debian packages from CPAN modules
# apt-get install libanyevent-perl dh-make-perl
  • build Net::MQTT required for AnyEvent::MQTT
$ cpan2deb Net::MQTT --version 1.163170
  • install Net::MQTT
# dpkg -i libnet-mqtt-perl_1.163170_all.deb
  • build AnyEvent::MQTT
$ cpan2deb AnyEvent::MQTT --depends libnet-mqtt-perl
  • install AnyEvent::MQTT
# dpkg -i libanyevent-mqtt-perl_1.172121-1_all.deb


To install nag2mqtt on Debian GNU/Linux it is recommended to use the prebuild package:

# dpkg -i nag2mqtt_0.4_amd64.deb
# apt-get install -f

For non-Debian systems you need to build nag2mqtt from the sources.